Avoiding the Holiday Food Pusher

The holidays are typically a time of unhealthful eating, family gatherings, work parties, beverage consumption and weight gain! The time between Thanksgiving and New Years is always difficult!


Do you know anyone who is a “food pusher”!? They can single handedly sabotage your weight loss this year! This person can range from an innocent loved one to someone who without a doubt it trying to sabotage you! Here is a list of common food “pushes” and kind ways you can say “no” without feeling guilty or hurting others!


Remember: Honesty is always the best policy. Friends and family should respect the extra effort you put in at the gym, and the dedication you have to staying on track with your healthy eating plan! It never hurts to say; “No thank you, I have really made a healthy change with my eating this past year!”



The Push


The Response

“It’s my special dish, you have to try it!”

“I will in a bit”.

Stalling works! The odds are the person tempting you will forget about it and move on.

“Try some of these brownies, they are delicious!”

“I did try them – they are awesome!”

We don’t want to encourage lying, but it probably IS a delicious dish!

“Looks like someone is obsessed with dieting!”

“I wouldn’t say obsessed, but I am more conscious about what I am eating.”

-Being more aware of unhealthy food choices is never a bad thing!

“If you don’t try my dish, I am going to force you to eat it!”

“I am sorry, I just don’t like ________”.

-This could be hard because this is a pretty forceful push and lying about something you don’t like could get you in trouble – so proceed with caution!

“You need some meat on your bones!”

“Trust me, I am in no way going to waste away!”

-This could happen if people are really noticing your good results and may be struggling with their own personal desire to improve their lifestyle.

“One bite isn’t going to kill you!”

“Once you start you can’t stop! I am sure it is so good I won’t be able to stop eating it!”

-This is true! Most people can’t just eat one bite of their most favorite items!

“Have another drink!”

“I have to drive.”

-Offering to drive can force you to limit the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed – hence; reducing many calories!


Remember: Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

If you need accountability and help to stay on track with your healthy nutritional habits this year – call Fitness Together and make an appointment to meet with our dietitian at (330) 702-1311 or visit www.FTYoungstown.com

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