Burn Calories with Mountain Climbers!

Mountain climbers is a great exercise to burn a ton of calories, you can do them in between resistance training exercises or you can do them at the end of your workout to burn some extra fat off the body.

How to set up good form on mountain climbers is by first starting off in pushup position with your butt slightly elevated.

You want your hands shoulder width apart, you don’t want to go wider than this because that will cause extra stress on the shoulder.

Next you want to bring one of your knees towards your chest while keeping it inside your arm. Then return back to push up position and bring the other knee towards the chest.

When alternating your knees up towards your chest try to keep shoulders over your wrists, you don’t want your shoulders going past the wrist or it will put extra stress on your rotator cuff.

If doing these on the ground is too hard to start off at, try doing them on a step or chair to decrease the intensity. If it’s too easy, do them on top of a Bosu to make them a little harder.

Doing these 30-90 sec. with 30 sec. of rest in between can really help you burn a ton of calories without getting on a treadmill!

Give them a shot in your next workout routine.

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