Burning Belly Fat

Burning Belly Fat

Do you want a flatter stomach? Doing crunches all day long is not the solution!

Remember there is no such thing as “spot reduction.” If you have belly fat, that’s because that is where your body has stored the excess calories you have eaten that you didn’t burn. It has nothing to do with a weak stomach. And for most people, the belly is the first place fat is stored and the last place it is lost.

So although crunches all day long could strengthen your abs, it’s not a big calorie burner. You’re better off working bigger muscle groups and burning more calories. When you burn more calories than you eat, you will start to burn stored fat.

Remember to exert yourself! All physical activity is good, but walking your dog for a few minutes is not going to give you the same results and fitness gains as some squats, push-ups, and running around the block as hard as you can!

So it is hard to believe but push-ups and squats will give you a flatter stomach than crunches.

If you are having trouble on where to begin and what exercises you can do to maximize calorie burn and attack that belly fat, a personal trainer is a very good idea!

At Fitness Together, we have certified and professional personal trainers who are eager to help you change your lifestyle and support you every step of the way.

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