Cheap and Easy Massage

Everyone loves to go to the spa for a massage! It’s relaxing, stress relieving, helps to ease muscle tension, and great for a little “You” time. If you simply don’t have the time to enjoy a day at the spa, you can still enjoy the same benefits of a massage with self-myofascial release, also known as foam rolling. While it may not be as pampering as a massage at the spa, foam rolling serves the same physiological purpose: to relieve muscle tension.

However, the benefits don’t stop there. Using a foam roller can improve your flexibility, help to loosen you up before a workout, help with correcting any muscular deficiencies, as well as helping to prevent injuries. Before a workout, foam rolling will help increase blood-flow to your muscles, alleviate any myofascial trigger points and any areas of hyperirritability, allowing your muscles to become more elastic. This will help you to execute exercises and movements with better efficiency and make for a much more beneficial workout.

As far as muscular deficiencies and injuries that occur because of it, a few minutes of foam rolling a day can help with those immensely. Muscles that may be overactive or hypertonic, due to improper form on certain exercise or habitual movements throughout each day, can be properly exercised and loosened by using foam rollers. Alleviating this tension in your muscles will help to save you from muscles tears and strains from any kind of activity.

Typical guidelines for rolling a muscle is about 30 seconds. But if there are any areas that are particularly sore or irritable, you can hold the foam roller on that spot and press until the tension is relieved. However, proper form must be used for each rolling position in order to work each muscle safely and effectively. Here are some pictures to give you a guideline for certain muscles. Feel free to comment in you have any further questions on foam rolling or proper form.

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