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It has been a couple of months since most of us have started our New Year’s resolutions and some of us may not be tracking our results. Remember that it is vital to track progress to see if the program we are using is being effective towards the results we are chasing.

When performing an assessment we should check body fat, girth measurements, muscular strength/endurance, flexibility, and cardio respiratory endurance. These areas should be assessed every 6-8 weeks depending on goals.

One assessment variable that can be measured every week can be your body weight. When measuring weight loss make sure you stay consistent on when you measure (same time of day, scale, and day of the week) to have accurate measurements to compare to. The change of any of these can effect tracking of your progress.

Remind yourself, if your results are not where you want them to be, you now know that you will have to change something up in your diet or exercise routine. Don’t look at assessments negatively but as a tool to help you stay on track and to reach your goals.

*New exercisers should seek out a health professional to go over guidelines for intensity and duration of exercise. It is also recommended that you get clearance from your doctor before starting up your exercise program.*

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