Curb Your Appetite with High Intensity Workouts

We all know exercise and healthful eating is imperative for any results in your fitness – but do we really know how much it can affect our appetite? A recent study was performed and cited by the International Journal of Obesity proves the theory that by performing more intense activity – we can decrease our appetites and aid in weight loss and maintenance. The study was small – but if definitely leaves room for more research in this area!

How can we maximize these benefits? In the study – men performed various levels of 30 minute bouts of physical activity. All of the groups performed stationary cycling – easy, moderate and intense level of physical exertion. The intense activity involved short bursts of extremely intense activity with a recovery period (similar to our program of HIIT or Fartlek, Tabata or Interval training styles)! There was also a rest group who performed no exercise. After the physical activity the participants were given a calorie specific recovery beverage. An hour later they were asked to eat a meal of oatmeal until they were “comfortably full”. The rest group consumed over 790 calories. There was a direct correlation with the decreasing amount of calories consumed compared to the exertion of physical activity. The intense physical activity group only consumed slightly over 500 calories – a major deficit! The men were asked to journal their food during the day after the workout – the group with the most intense activity consumed less calories daily and reported less hunger cravings.

We all know higher intensity workouts burn more calories and increase results! Small studies leave much wiggle room for improvements and can be skewed in many ways – however; this is a great reason to push yourself to try a new style of training and work hard! It can help you suppress your appetite and lose weight faster! See how it can work for you.

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