Exercise to Improve Your Golf Game


It’s almost that time of year again! The snow is starting to melt away for good and you have the itch to clean up the golf clubs and get ready for the golf season. Are you ready for it though? You want to play better than ever this year; you want longer drives; you want straighter irons; you want better stamina and endurance; you want zero injuries. All of these can be accomplished by simply exercising properly to improve your golf game.

There are several ways in which exercise can help to make you a better golfer. A few ways, in particular, are increasing flexibility and the stretch-shortening cycle, optimizing core strength and stability, and maintaining muscular balance.

The stretch-shortening cycle is best described as the point at which the “wind-up” and the “down-swing” meet. This is optimized by increasing the flexibility of the muscles on the wind-up and then enhancing the power that is used on the down-swing. Performing exercises that effectively use the stretch-shortening cycle will most definitely have you driving the ball deep down the fairway!

Core strength and stability are probably the types of exercises most commonly associated with golf. Improving your core strength will help you to maintain ideal posture throughout the golf swing and optimize the efficiency in how you move through your swing. Also, using unstable exercise devices such as the BOSU, stability ball, and dyna discs will improve your balance not only on the flat surface of the tee box, but in unstable surfaces such as the sand as well.

Lastly, maintaining muscular balance through proper exercise form and corrective exercise can help improve the continuity of you swing and keep you injury free. The golf swing is such a movement that certain muscles will be used more than others due to repetitive movement patterns. This can lead to injuries, especially in the lower back area. By using proper exercise form and correcting certain muscular imbalances, you can prevent those nagging aches and pains that are so commonly felt by avid golfers.

So, if you want to play your best golf this season, be sure to incorporate a golf specific exercise routine into your schedule. Trust me, you’ll be playing scratch golf in no time!

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