Exercising Takes Planning!

Too often, people think “I have got to find time to exercise this week. I need to get everything done on my list so that I can make time to go to the gym”

Most people view exercise as that thing you do once you finish everything else that needs done. We have the best intentions and we know how important it is to get active, but we also have so many priorities!

Well the clients at Fitness Together will tell you it takes planning to successfully stick to a fitness routine. Working out cannot be something you “hope” to fit in each day. Instead, you need to make it a priority.

And you may be thinking “Well am I supposed to put exercise in front of my work or my family?”

Although we do understand that your family is most important and you need to make a paycheck, look at it this way: Don’t you want to give your world your best? Don’t you think if you felt amazing, had more energy and more confidence that you would improve in other aspects of your life?

There are things in your life you should put as a higher priority than exercise. However, if exercise is in the right place on your priority list, you’ll make the time for it.

So as you make a game plan for tomorrow, don’t figure out if you’re going exercise; figure out WHEN you’re going to exercise. And then make it happen. Everything else about your day will be better because of it.

If you need help on where to start on an exercise program, call Fitness Together at 330-702-1311 or visit www.FTYoungstown.com


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