Five Minute Meals!

Today “fast food” is typically running through a drive through to pick up a quick sandwich, fries and soda – and on to the next thing! The truth is: cooking quick and healthy is much easier, more cost effective and HEALTHIER! The problem is: what meal is quick to prepare? Shopping, planning, chopping, steaming, cleaning all take valuable time – hence; the average family tends to resort to the less healthful alternative.

Most of our clients are always looking for a quick and healthy solution: the truth is that planning is the key to success. When you are grocery shopping, I always suggest planning out your meals and snacks for the week ahead of time. Ask your family members for input! If they are eating the foods they want as well, everyone is happier! J Shop a week at a time in order to eliminate all of those quick trips to the store for dinner each night. Listed below is a list of quick meal ideas, made for those nights when it “would be easier to grab fast food or eat out!”

1. Egg Wraps

Scramble up eggs with veggies. Wrap in a whole wheat tortilla with low fat cheese. To cut come calories and cholesterol – use egg whites or egg beaters mixed with a whole egg! For additional protein, add black beans!

2. Tuna Sandwiches

Tuna salad can be made healthier by using half the amount of mayo (preferably low fat) mixed with plain Greek yogurt. Place it in a toasted pita or whole wheat bread with tons of fresh veggies such as romaine lettuce, tomato, onion and spinach! For additional healthy fats – add sliced avocado.

3. Quick Salmon or Tilapia

Frozen fish is a great source of protein and can be cooked quickly each night! Defrost the fish filets in cool water. Season and bake in the oven with olive oil spray on a cookie sheet! You can also pan sear it for a different texture. Serve with steamed veggies and brown rice. To cut the sodium – but the unseasoned filets and use your own garlic powder, lemon and pepper!

4. Cottage Cheese with Fruit and Nuts

Cottage cheese is a great source of protein. Add in some fresh or fresh/frozen fruit and a handful of healthful almonds and you have a quick and filling lunch! You can even top salads with cottage cheese and balsamic vinegar!

5. Hummus Wrap

Purchase your favorite flavor of hummus, spread on a whole wheat tortilla with fresh veggies! It makes a healthy and filling quick meal or snack.

6. Homemade Pizza

At the grocery store you can purchase whole grain pizza shells or even pitas or wraps (for thin crust pizza)! Top with your favorite healthy pizza toppings – try to include a good source of protein such as chicken or ground turkey, low fat mozzarella cheese and veggies! Bake in the oven for a quick way to satisfy our pizza cravings.

There are many things you can make quickly for meals, sometimes it just takes a little bit of planning and creativity! If you are in need of assistance in meal planning and developing healthy eating habits – be sure to call today to schedule your FREE Nutritional Consultation with our Registered Dietitian or a FREEE F.I.T assessment with our trainers! (330) 702-1311 or visit our website at

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