Go Greek!

Everyone has heard of Greek Yogurt! Love it or hate it, it is definitely healthier for us with more added protein and less added sugar (and less artificial sweeteners) than our traditional “low-fat” choices. If you like Greek Yogurt, it is easy to include it on your diet. Even if you are not truly fond of this dairy item, here is a way you could disguise it for yourself (and even your friends and family!)


1. Yogurt Covered Strawberries – Dip fresh strawberries in Greek yogurt and freeze. Use a variety of flavors for a sweet treat, or simply use the plain to cut the added sugar.


2. Substitute Greek Yogurt in your Recipes – Use the chart on the following page to substitute plain Greek Yogurt in your recipes to cut calories and increase nutritional value.


3. Too expensive? Make your own Greek Yogurt in the crock pot!! (Recipe Attached) – This is actually really good and less bitter than regular plain Greek yogurt – plus; it saves money!


4. Frozen Yogurt Bites – Use your favorite flavor of yogurt, drop small teaspoons of the yogurt on a wax paper lined cookie sheet. Freeze until solid and eat!


5. Greek Yogurt Peanut Butter Dip – Small container (5 ounces) Vanilla Greek yogurt, 2 Tbsp. Peanut Butter, ½ Tbsp. Honey, 1/8 tsp. Cinnamon. Mix well and eat with fruit (such as apples!).

    Nutritional Information: 375 calories, 21 grams Protein.

**This is not a low calorie recipe (due to PB and vanilla yogurt). However; it makes a good sized portion – you do not need to eat it all at one sitting! Divide it up throughout the week for an afternoon snack!

Plain Greek Yogurt Conversion Chart used for Cooking!



You can also make your own GREEK YOGURT!!

Crock Pot Greek Yogurt

Ingredients:            ½ gallon (8 cups) Fat Free, 1% or 2% Milk

                ½ cup (4 ounces) Store Bought Greek Yogurt (Plain)

                    *Once you have your own, you can use that as a starter!


Methods:            -Add half gallon on milk to the crock pot.

                -Cover. Cook on low for approximately 2 ½ hours.

-Check the temperature of the milk using a candy thermometer. Milk should reach 180°F.

-Unplug the crock pot and let the milk sit with the cover OFF.

-Once the milk reaches 105-110°F (about 1 hour), scoop out 1-2 cups of the warm milk and whisk in the store bought yogurt. Add back into the crock pot and mix.

-Put cover on crock pot. Wrap in a large bath towel and place in the oven (turned off, oven light ON) and sit for 7-8 hours. Once milk has curdled and is thick, place in the refrigerator. Completely cool the mixture.

-Strain through a cheese cloth 2 times until the whey (liquid portion) is out. (It helps to put the cheese cloth in a strainer, inside of a large bowl.

-The thick portion is your high protein, low sugar Greek Yogurt!



“Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym!”

Strength training, cardiovascular activity and flexibility training is very important in maintaining a healthy body weight.

However, healthy eating is a vital asset in achieving that flat stomach!

If you are exercising to the max and not seeing the results you want to see, dig a little deeper into your food intake! You might not be eating enough, or eating too much!


If you are in need of assistance in choosing healthier foods and finding unique ways to use them in your diet – make a call to sit down with our dietitian or get your fitness on track with a personalized fitness program! (330) 702-1311, www.FTYougnstown.com

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