Go Vertical with your Ab Workout!



If you are getting bored with your usual ab workout consisting of basic crunches or other floor exercises, try an ab workout in standing. Taking your workout vertical will allow you engage more muscles and also help you to work on balance and stability. Below I will describe a few standing ab exercises as examples but feel free to get creative!


First, try a “stepping chop.” You can use a medicine ball or weight if you have one. If not, body weight will work fine. Stand with feet together, knees slightly bent, with a medicine ball in hands (or keep hands clasped if you aren’t using equipment). Start with hands/medicine ball up in the air to your left side. Take a wide step out to your right while simultaneously bringing the ball/hands to your right hip in a chopping motion. Bring your feet back together while swinging your arms back overhead at a diagonal. Perform 10-20 reps and then repeat with the opposite side.


Another good one is a leaning crunch with a lift. Start with your feet together, knees bent slightly and arms extended overhead. You can either keep your hands clasped or hold a weight or medicine ball. Lean your torso to the right and simultaneously lift your left leg off the ground. Return back to starting position with feet together. Repeat 10-20 times then perform the same exercise to the opposite side.


One last one I will describe is a standing bicycle crunch. Place your hands behind your head and as you bend your left knee, rotate your torso so that your right elbow touches your left knee. Keep your abs tight and engaged throughout this motion. This is similar to bicycles on the ground but now you are performing while standing!


You can see pictures of these exercises below. If you are looking for a new workout program to get that summer body, call Fitness Together at 330-702-1311 to set up your free fitness/nutrition assessment today!


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