Green Tea: Fat Fighter?

Green Tea and Green Tea extract have been hypothesized to aid in weight loss, weight management and increased body fat loss over a duration of time. Green tea contains large amounts of polyphenols which have been shows to have anti-cancer, antioxidant and antiviral properties. There is no questioning the health benefits of green tea. Drinking green tea with meals and snacks could have health benefits, but could it help us lose weight and burn fat?


  • Green tea and its extracts may help protect against or slow the growth of certain cancers, but studies have shown mixed results.
  • Green tea is used for improving mental alertness, aiding in weight loss, and lowering cholesterol levels, but clinical studies have not yet supported this.

How it works:

  • Green tea extract can help fight free radicals (to prevent cell damage).
  • Green tea extract contains high level of polyphenols (stated above), which may possibly:

Protect against infections
Block the actions of carcinogens, which can cause cancer
Help in lowering cholesterol levels

Side effects and warnings:

  • Little to no side effects or contraindications in adults, when used in moderate amounts
  • Green tea extract DOES contain significantly more caffeine than drinking tea leaves, which can increase the side effect risk.
  • Green tea and extracts contain caffeine, which can cause the following in some people:
  • Insomnia (Sleep Problems)
    Upset stomach
    Frequent urination

Is it going to be effective for body fat loss?

Japanese studies have confirmed in men, drinking 10 servings of green tea per day for 3 months can increase weight loss up to 3 lbs more than a test group. However; the studies were minimal and did not test a large number of people.

The studies have shown that without a significant change in lifestyle (diet and exercise habits), long term weight management from green tea is not achievable. Taking green tea alone will most likely not be effective to see significant weight loss. Be sure to increase physical activity to include cardiovascular activity and weight training; along with developing a healthy nutrition plan that you can maintain for a lifetime.

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