Healthy Ballpark Eating!

Baseball games are a source of entertainment for American’s in the summer months! However; the ballpark can be a nutritional nightmare for those trying to eat healthy and lost weight this year. The good news is: there are some simple and quick things you can do to make better choices this year at the ballpark! You can enjoy the games while still feeling good about your eating habits and weight loss.

  • Ballpark food and drinks are expensive. Force yourself on portion control in order to save money (and calories!).
  • Eat before you go! There are many restaurants close to the ballparks where you can enjoy a nice meal with friends and family. Even though restaurants are generally a difficult place to eat healthy, you can get a larger portion of grilled protein, veggies, and a salad with light dressing to start. Fill up on healthy items here – or cook a healthy meal at home before going. When you are full – it is easier to say no to all of the fried foods at the park.
  • Enjoy one small beer or beverage made with a low calorie mixer.
  • Share your order with friends! If you want a pretzel or nachos – sharing it can save you over 500 calories!
  • Think small! Portion control is huge at ballparks! Always order a small version of your favorite treats.
  • Treat yourself to one of your favorite items and savor it! Calories compile when we choose to eat many different things.
  • Opt for water. Even though water is more expensive – you can then refill the bottle at the drinking fountain and avoid artificial sweeteners in sodas – and calorie dense alcoholic beverages.

    Best Ballpark Food Choices:

  • Choose a hot dog with low calorie toppings such as mustard and onion.
    • Even though a hot dog is not the healthiest thing you can eat – the portion control is good, and you can save calories by avoiding the ½ lb. cheeseburger with fries!
  • Shelled peanuts are a good snack choice!
    • Peanuts have protein –which can aid in satiety. Also, when you purchase shelled peanuts – they take longer to eat which can occupy your hands!
  • Sunflower seeds! A traditional baseball treat – can be enjoyed and also take a long time to eat!
  • Small snow cone! Even though the syrup is loaded with sugar – if you order a small it can save you tons of calories as compared to an ice cream cone on a hot day!
  • Choose a soft pretzel over loaded nachos! You can save calories and fat. Dip the pretzel in mustard instead of cheese sauce. Also, it does not hurt to brush off the excess salt! This salt can be over 2 days worth of sodium!


Don’t let your ballpark eating strike out your healthy eating habits this year! Remember it is a lifestyle! Knowledge is power – be sure to understand what a healthy choice would be and you are on the right track! If you need help with your eating habits this summer – be sure to call Fitness Together (330) 702-1311 to meet with our dietitian or one of our awesome trainers!

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