Healthy Summer Snacks


Summer is just around the corner! The time is now to plan healthy snacks and meals for you and your family this year! Although summer can be a time of unhealthy snacking on chips, cookies and crackers – we encourage you to put a healthy spin on your meals and snacks this year! Here are some ideas and suggestions–

For children, sometimes it is just a matter of making the items look different, more appealing, or easier to eat.

Put it on a Stick!

1. Make salad shish-kabobs. They don’t need to be cooked, can be kept in the refrigerator for days, and are easy to be taken for a snack on the go. Add cherry tomatoes, diced peppers, mushrooms, cucumbers, anything!

2. Make fruit shish-kabobs the same way – but you can also make a Greek Yogurt dip with peanut butter, plain Greek yogurt and stevia to serve with it.

3. Caprese salad kabobs – Layer mozzarella cheese and fresh tomatoes. Add olives, basil or cucumbers as fillers as well.

Drink it!

1. Add fresh or frozen fruit to your water. It can add additional flavor and freshness – as well as nutrition. The frozen fruit can even act as ice cubes.

2. Fruit smoothies are a healthy and easy snack for on the go summer days. Make your own using frozen fresh fruit, Greek yogurt and fat free milk.

3. Make your own healthful lemonade using fresh lemons and stevia! You can even purchase a stevia plant to grow in your garden! J

Freeze It!

1. Frozen grapes make a good snack on a hot day.

2. Make your own popsicles – Freeze 100% fruit juice with fresh fruit slices in ice cube trays or popsicle containers.

3. Dip banana slices in melted dark chocolate and freeze.

4. Use a frozen banana (peeled) to blend in a food processor/blender with a few tablespoons of milk and cocoa powder to make healthy banana ice cream!

Wrap it Up!

1. Wraps are easy and quick for lunches. Wrap lean protein with a low fat string cheese, veggies and mustard.

2. Use a big romaine lettuce leaf or collard green for your wrap.

3. Make a peanut butter crunch wrap on whole grain – spread peanut butter (natural), a few tablespoons of whole grain cereal, and a banana. Wrap it up for a filling peanut butter crunch wrap on the go!


If you are in need to additional ideas for including healthy foods for you and your family this summer – be sure to check out our website or call to come in for a FREE consult with out Registered Dietitian or get on track with your fitness with our awesome Personal Trainers! (330) 702-1311,



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