Help Relieve Lower Leg Soreness

Have you ever gone for a run and the next day you had an excruciating soreness in your calves and achilles tendon? Or have you ever suffered from the dreaded shin splints? If you have experienced the latter, you may want to consider looking back at one of our former blogs about changing your running stride and running with more efficiency. While you’re at it, check out another one of our former blogs about stretching, as it can help to alleviate tension that is causing pain in those muscles. But, if you’re looking for another solution to help speed up recovery time and alleviate soreness, try compression socks!

The idea behind wearing compression socks is that the pressure that the socks put on your lower leg (calves, soleus, achilles, anterior tibialis) helps to promote blood flow to those muscles and tendons being compressed. The pressure allows the arterial walls to relax, therefore, allowing for more oxygen-rich blood to flow through the muscles. This, in turn, helps speed up muscle recovery and decrease muscle soreness. Another benefit to wearing compression socks is they help to remove lactic acid build up in the lower leg muscles, which will help decrease muscle fatigue during workouts or runs.

You can reap the benefits of compression socks by wearing them during a run, after a run, or overnight while you sleep for recovery. Some of the more reputable compression brands are CEP, 2XU, Zoot, and ZENSAH. Give compressions socks a shot and I’m sure you’ll be pleased with the results!

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