Hydrate Right!

One of the most important aspects of health and fitness is hydration! The simple act of drinking water is sometimes overlooked throughout the day when we are overly focused caloric consumption, exercise, and our jobs, family and routine! The fact remains: by being hydrated you can improve your sports performance, increase the benefits associated with cardiovascular activity, decrease risk of heat related illness, improve organ function and feel better overall!

How much water is recommended? This depends on your age, weight, overall health and activity level! The average fluid intake needs to be around 64 ounces per day! Men should take in fluids slightly over the 64 ounces. A good way to judge accurate fluid intake for a healthy individual is half of body weight in ounces. (140 lb = 70 ounces of fluid) With exercise, the fluid needs increase to accommodate post exercise sweat water loss. If you are concerned that you are sweating too much and dehydration is a factor – weigh yourself before and after exercise. If you see a drastic change in weight – be sure to replenish fluid losses. Be sure to consult with a professional for accurate fluid replacement if you are concerned about sweat weight loss during exercise. Sports drinks are only necessary if participating in high intensity exercise for over an hour at a time.

Most people have a hard time getting in the recommended amount of water each day! Here are some suggestions to help you get all the H2O you need daily!

1. Number your water bottles each day (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) until you reach the recommended ounces. Refill the water bottles each morning in order to reach your goal. That is a good way for you to remember how much more you have to drink!

2. Purchase a large water bottle with the recommended ounces you aim to drink each day! By the end of the day – the water should be gone and refill each morning.

3. Freeze slices of fresh orange, lemon and lime and use as ice cubes in water for healthy flavor.

4. Freeze fresh mint herbs in water to create fresh mint ice cubes – again, for healthy flavor!

5. Drink water with all of your meals and snacks – try to avoid drinking soda, sweetened beverages and juices.

6. Make it routine! The more you attempt to drink more water – the quicker it will become a habit.

If you are concerned about your fluid intake or other important aspects of health and wellness – be sure to check out our website at www. FTYoungstown.com or call to schedule a FREE Nutritional Consultation with our Registered Dietitian! (330) 702-1311.

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