No Baby Steps!

So often our clients come to us with high expectations for drastic results. People come motivated to lose weight for a wedding, a high school reunion, or a vacation. And then when we sit down with them to talk about how we are going to get them those results, suddenly they want to take “baby steps”.

Baby steps sound something like this: “First I’m going to work on cutting out the soda. So I want to try to go from two cans of pop a day to one. Then I’m thinking next week I’ll start walking one mile. And then a month from now maybe I’ll start walking two miles and maybe do an aerobics class once per week.”

BABY STEPS DON’T WORK! In my experience, the clients of ours who want to take baby steps toward their goals never end up making any lifestyle changes. They have expectations of seeing results yet they haven’t really committed to what it takes to see those results.

If you are unhealthy and you want that to change, make a decision to start today and do not look back. Make drastic changes in the way you eat and the way you move. Don’t settle for light workouts and don’t give yourself too many “cheat” days.

It is unrealistic to think that starting today you’ll never have a piece of cake or a slice of pizza again. Of course that is not realistic and that is not what I am suggesting. It is still okay to cheat and take days off, but you know in your heart the difference between “cheating” and being unhealthy. Like I always say, nothing tastes as good as healthy feels.

So start today and don’t look back! You’ll be so glad you did when you look and feel your best sooner than you ever thought possible.

If you are motivated to make changes and eliminate baby steps and you don’t know where to start, give Fitness Together a call at 330-702-1311 or visit us at

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