Protect Your Health with Nutrition!

The flu season is upon us! Your nutritional habits can be a great and powerful defense against illness. There are many nutrients that are important to eat as part of a well balanced diet that can aid in your disease prevention. Listed are some healthy ways to include these valuable nutrients. Remember even a small deficiency in ONE nutrient can inhibit your body’s ability to fight disease!



Protein is used in so many different functions in the body! Eat a variety of seafood, lean chicken and turkey, eggs, nuts and seeds, beans and soy products.

Vitamin C—

Vitamin C can help boost your immune system by producing antibodies against illness. Try to eat more citrus fruits, red bell peppers, strawberries and Vitamin C fortified juices.

Vitamin A—

Vitamin C is always known as the “immune boosting vitamin”, however; Vitamin A is very important also! Vitamin A functions to protect tissues in your mouth, stomach and intestinal tract. This is very important in fighting disease. Vitamin A is found in red and yellow fruits and vegetables, milk products and eggs.

Zinc –

Zinc aids in wound healing and boost the immune system. Zinc can be found in beef, wheat products, sunflower seeds, almonds, milk and tofu.

Eating a variety of these foods can help boost your immune system – but nothing will beat the benefits of consuming a healthy diet overall, EVERYDAY! If you are in need of assistance in meal planning and ensuring you are meeting all of you nutritional needs during this flu season – call us for a FREE nutritional consultation with our dietitian! (330) 702-1311 or visit our website at


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