Sleep for Weight Loss!


We all know that exercise, calorie control and hard work are the key to successful weight loss! BUT are we underestimating the power of sleep! Sleep is something we all enjoy, it is sometimes just hard to come by. And are there some nutritional tricks to help us sleep better and more deeply?

Here is a list of 6 of the most studied health hazards linked with inadequate sleep patterns:

1. Heart Disease – A good night’s sleep followed by a day of healthful eating and moderate exercise reduced your risk of heart disease by 65%!

2. Stroke – Those who receive less than 6 hours of sleep per night have been shown to have other high risk factors as precursors to stroke.

3. Obesity and Diabetes – Sleep deprivation and tiredness can cause us to look for unhealthful food choices to boost our energy or to keep us busy while we are awake! Do not reach for the soda in the afternoon to wake you up! Get up and walk around, that works just as well and is more healthful!

4. Depression – A good rest can promote optimal brain function which can boost your mood and make you more productive during the day.

5. Cancer – Speculated that lack of sleep can cause inflammation which can lead to increased risk for breast cancer and colon polyps.

6. Dry and Damaged Skin – During the day when you are active and awake – you lose moisture through the skin. The skin barriers improve at night and can lead to increased skin moisture and health!

This is a great reason to shut off the lights a little earlier tonight! If you are having trouble sleeping – try to make sure you attempt these nutritional/lifestyle tricks to get you to fall asleep better!

  • Exercise during the day! Find the optimal time for you – this may be early morning before work – or late in the evening before bed!
  • Combine protein and carbs at dinner and snacks. Having an evening snack of amino acids and carbohydrates can take the edge off hunger and allow you to rest.
  • Lavender or other soothing teas are good to drink!
  • Cut the caffeine later in the day! (After 2:00 pm!)
  • Stretch or meditate before bed. Your body will be loose and relaxed – ready for sleep!

If you are in need of making a lifestyle change to help you sleep better, lose weight or eliminate risk of chronic disease – please call Fitness Together today or visit our website – , (330) 702-1311

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