The Anatomy of a Junk Food Meal

Common sayings in regards to junk food:

  • “Sunday is my cheat day!”
  • “I exercise all the time just so I can eat whatever I want!”
  • “I restrict my diet all day, just so I can eat out a larger meal at dinner!”
  • “I have junk food around for my kids, their metabolism is really high and they need all of those calories!”


Eating healthy every day for every meal can be very difficult! Many temptations and triggers follow us each day in attempt to ruin any change we make towards a healthy lifestyle! Here is the anatomy of eating a high fat- junk food filled meal! It is never OK so justify consuming high fat foods with an excuse. Change the way you view high fat meats, fried foods, whole milk and high fat foods forever! We encourage our clients to eat healthy every day, but realistically! Understand the science behind the bad foods – and how they can negatively affect our bodies. Practice moderation always – and try to find healthier ways to make your favorite junk meals at home!

The Research:

  • Your arteries dilate less after a high fat meal (decreasing function). Studies have shown that even up to 6 hours after a high fat meal, arteries were constricted up to 24% more than when consuming a healthy meal low in saturated fat, high in nutritional value.
  • This same effect was noted no matter what activity level the individual had who was tested.
  • Restricted artery function can impact your health, not only immediately after the meal, but for years in the future. A constricted artery limits the ability for your cells to receive oxygen and vital nutrients. It can decrease athletic and cardiovascular performance, increase fatigue, increase stress on the heart and increase blood pressure.
  • The more high fat meals you have combined can cause atherosclerosis- which will place a permanent impact (similar to the description above) on your body.



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