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Name of Diet

Diet Claims

Consequences of Diet






The Atkins Diet


-High protein, high fat and low carbohydrates.

-Lowers cholesterol, blood pressure and aids in maximum weight loss as a “jumpstart”.

-Unrestricted amounts of meats, cheese and eggs.

-New Atkins diet focuses on weekly cycling foods, adding in grains, milk, fruits, vegetables and other carbohydrates slowly by the 6-8th week.

-Diet claims you will lose purely fat while on the diet.

The Atkins diet is effective for maximum weight loss. The lack of carbohydrates in the first few weeks of the program results in fat burning for energy production.

Improvements in blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels usually results from weight loss alone – not from improved food choices.

Restricts healthy food groups like grains, fruits, beans and legumes.

It is not healthy to lose more than 1-2 lbs per week. Also, not feasible for a long term weight solution.




The South Beach Diet



-High protein, low in bad fats and bad carbohydrates.

-Cycling of foods claims to decrease food cravings and provide a long term weight loss solution.

-Diet claims to be “simple”.

-Provides you with recipes and snack suggestions during each phase.


-Weight loss usually results from restricting calories overall.

-Diet does provide portion restrictions.

-First 2 weeks are unhealthy due to restriction of fruits, dairy and starches.

-Weight loss does slow down to a normal rate and could be discouraging due to previous claims.



Jenny Craig

-Famous celebrity diet.

-Provides you with your meals and snacks to meet your calorie needs for weight loss.

-Meet with consultant in order to transfer for regular meals at completion of program.

-Encourages physical activity.

Not a long term solution.

Prepackaged meals were rated poorly for taste and variety.

You have to only consume the meals sent to you.

Consultants are not professionals in the field and are not trained to help individuals with health conditions or medication management.





-Low glycemic index diet. High fiber, high protein.

-Prepackaged meals.

-Learn portion control for weight loss.

-Learn “Good” vs. “Bad” foods.

-Prepackaged meals are not nutritionally balanced.

-Meals are very high in sodium.

-Contain controversial artificial sweeteners.

-”Good”/”Bad” food labeling can be destructive for long term weight maintenance.


Weight Watchers

-Weekly meetings for accountability.

-Points calculated based on calories, fats and fiber.

-Weight loss based on calorie density balancing exercise and ‘bonus’ points.

-Earned exercise points and bonus points can limit weight loss.

-Frequent weighing can be difficult because some weeks will not result in weight loss.

-One size does not fit all.



The Zone


-High protein, low carbohydrate, low fat.

-40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat; basically nutritionally balanced for optimal energy and weight loss.

-Any diet that makes a food group appear to be the enemy can be self destructive.

-Fat intake above recommendations.



-Expected weight loss is 1-2 lbs per day.

-500 calories per day.

-Hormone regulated.

-Low calories. Can have reverse effect with re-instating normal eating patterns.

-Could increase the chances of hormone related cancers.


-Sprinkle crystals on the food. Enhances the aroma of the food.

-Portion Control.

-Decreases appetite.

-Long list of side effects ranging from vomiting, diarrhea, and constipation.

-Does not enforce a healthy lifestyle. “Sprinkle on your pizza and burgers!”



The Paleo Diet


-Eat like your ancestors. Natural carbohydrates (fruits and veggies), animal protein and some nuts.

-Transitions and allows for some cheat days.

-Diet is missing key nutrients—Calcium from dairy.

-Low in carbohydrates.

-Allowing cheat items could show extreme weight changes if done improperly.



The Raw Foods Diet


-Eat all raw foods. (Less than 118 degrees)

-Used to lower LDL cholesterol.

-Unpasteurized dairy products can be consumed.

-Could be extremely dangerous because of potential food borne illness.

-Very low in vitamin D and calcium. -Low in protein and Vitamin B12 is not eating animal products.

Common MYTHS:

-Fruit is too high in sugar, avoid it when trying to lose weight.

-Drinking cold water burns more calories and is important to aid in weight loss.

-Eating after 7 or 8 pm can make you gain weight.

-Water helps you flush fat out of your body.

-Eat a grapefruit before every meal and lose weight.

-Snacking can make you fat.

-Low fat dairy products can promote weight loss.

-Green Coffee Bean Extract: Slightly elevates heart rate – not effective for weight loss without diet and exercise.

-Red Raspberry Ketones: Changes metabolic functions of digestion. Not successful and can be harmful in large doses.


This year – as you are preparing for the summer season with healthful eating, try to make it a lifestyle! It is better to lose 6 lbs in a month and keep it off! Consistent weight cycling can cause more damage to your body than being overweight. If you need assistance in weight loss – be sure to call Fitness Together or visit our website – We have the professionals to help you lose the weight and keep it off…HEALTHFULLY!!! J

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