Try Chia Seeds!

You may remember the infamous ch-ch-ch-chia! Chia pets were common household items sold at local drug stores to sprinkle, water and watch them grow! Did you know that chia seeds also pack a great nutritional punch for the human body? This does not mean you should eat your chia pet! However; the seeds are full of nutrition and versatile to add to your favorite dishes.

Why are chia seeds so wonderful? Chia seeds are gluten and grain free and can be included on most special diets. They are virtually tasteless which makes them a great addition to any recipe and are similar to flaxseed in nutritional value. Chia seeds do not have to be ground up like flaxseed. (Flaxseed is better absorbed when ground vs. the whole seed form). Chia seeds also have a longer shelf life. Similar to flaxseed, chia seeds are a good source of dietary fiber, omega-3 heart healthy fats and protein! Chia is a naturally occurring seed, and is not a nutritional supplement. You can add it to anything you like, as much as you like! Chia seeds are sold at local health food and grocery stores – and are gaining popularity as a great super-food!

Chia seeds are a good addition to yogurt, cereals and pasta dishes! You can also mix them in recipes such as scrambled eggs, soups and salads. Chia seeds expand with water so can be used to thicken recipes such as meatballs and gravies. Chia seeds can also be mixed with water for a quick energy gel and have shown great advantages with athletes and for weight management!

If you are in need of assistance in meal planning and including other super-foods like chia seeds, be sure to meet with a Registered and Licensed Dietitian for education. Visit our Fitness Together website at or call us to set up a FREE nutritional consultation or fitness assessment today! (330) 702-1311.

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