Try Tabata to maximize your results!

If you are ever pinched for time and still need to get your workout in, Tabata is the way to go! The workout can be completed in 24 minutes with minimal equipment so you don’t have to go the gym. All you need is a timer or your smart phone where you can download a Tabata app with the timer built in.

How the Tabata workout is set up is you want to do high intensity exercise for 20 sec. and then take a 10 sec. rest period. During the 20 sec. of work you should be going 100% intensity to maximize your results. Remember that you are only working out for 24 min so you should be pushing yourself. You also want to do the same exercise for 8 consecutive sets before moving on to another exercise. You want to choose 6 compound exercises to perform for the workout. Examples of compound exercises would be pushups, squats, rows, and lunges. All of these exercises use large muscle groups and will help with more calories being burned opposed to a bicep curl or crunch.

Here is an example of Tabata routine for someone who is an intermediate exerciser:

Tabata Routine

1.) Pushups

2.) Squat Jumps

3.) Bent Over Row (Both Arms)

4.) Speed Step Ups

5.) Get Ups

6.) Split Squat Jumps

*If you do not know what these exercises are or if you feel you are not ready for these particular exercises. Please feel free to comment below and we can give you different options to perform*

If Tabata is done properly you can get your resistance and cardio training all done in 24 minutes! I would recommend that you do this at most 2xwk because we don’t want to cause overtraining or any injuries.

If you are new to exercise you should seek out a health professional to go over guidelines for intensity and duration of exercise. It is also recommended that you get clearance from your doctor before starting up your exercise program.

Call Fitness Together (330-702-1311) to set up your free fitness/nutrition assessment.


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