Women, you won’t “Bulk Up”

“Can I ‘bulk up’ from resistance training or weight lifting?”

That is a common question and fear that many women have when it comes to beginning a new exercise routine. The true answer to that question comes down to the type of exercise and resistance training that you do, and even then, it’s nearly impossible for a woman to “bulk up” from lifting weights. One reason being, the sets, repetitions, and weight variables must be planned deliberately for such a result to occur. Still, that would require hours upon hours of intense, heavy weight training sessions geared specifically for putting on size. Another reason, and perhaps that most telling statistic to disprove such a myth is, physiologically it is impossible for a woman to bulk up due to women’s lower testosterone levels. On average, women have 10x lower testosterone levels than men, which is crucial in trying to increase muscle size. So, unless there are anabolic steroids being taken or any other types of medications or supplements that may alter hormone levels, there is no need to worry about bulking up if you are a woman who is looking into starting a resistance training routine.

There are, however, several positive benefits that may be realized through resistance training. One being that resistance training or any weight bearing exercises help strengthen bones to reduce the possible effects of osteoporosis. It also strengthens muscles and connective tissues to not only make you feel stronger and healthier, but to also reduce the risk of injuries that may occur with age or everyday activities. More importantly, weight training will increase lean muscle tissue which will increase your metabolism and ultimately allow you to burn more calories and more fat.

Don’t get caught up in the myth of “bulking up” from lifting weights. If you are a woman and you are hesitant to lift weights, Don’t Be! Not only is it physiologically impossible to do so, but with the right resistance training, cardiovascular, and nutrition program, you won’t bulk up. Instead, you will feel stronger, healthier, and look leaner and more toned than ever!

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